Hi, my name is Mat Sutor. My wife, Holly, and I own 3D Flex Flash and

Sutography Weddings in San Diego, California.

I would love to share our story about how 3D Flex Flash came to be!

3D FLEX FLASH products are individually 3D printed utilizing the toughest flexible TPU filament available.

About 15 years ago I had the idea of a simplified on-camera flash modifier.

After photographing weddings for several years at the beginning of our wedding business I had the idea of a simplified on-camera flash modifier. I used and researched every flash diffuser and light modifier on the market.  Some are better than others but I couldn’t find one that compared to the simplicity and versatility of what I envisioned.  I wanted a modifier that would just slip on your flash head, requiring no buckles or straps, and I wanted it to be flexible and lightweight. We already have enough weight to carry on a wedding day.

My idea led to my pursuit of The WYNG, a one-piece, lightweight, flexible flash bounce diffuser.  After attempting to have a mold made as a prototype I was never able to find a reasonable solution and the possibility of having it produced overseas was discouraging.  With the help of a talented family member, together we translated The WYNG into a 3D model.

My design was finally a reality!

And we have been using The WYNG as professional photographers ever since.

To our surprise, 3D printing became our method of manufacturing my invention.  Using a flexible filament, The WYNG only weighs 2oz and is exactly the product I had always imagined.  I 3D print every WYNG from our home in San Diego, California and I am proud to say that it is made in the USA.