What are photographers saying about 3D FLEX FLASH…

“Good Bye Gary…Hello WYNG!  I love this friggin’ thing! I used it again last night at a Hawaiian Luau event. I’m sitting here doing minimal editing. The colors look vibrant and the white balance is on point. It’s lightweight, flexible, and extremely portable from my 580ex to my Phottix, to my Yongnuo flashes. Job well done!

-Jeffery P.

“Awesome yet simple design!”

Pierre-Marie A.

“You guys nailed it! What a fantastic product. I’ve used lumiquest & magmod, but this creams them for advantage in weight, functionality and most importantly the light it produces. Well done on an amazing product, this thing fits the Godox larger flashes like a glove….. I’m not missing the heavy and expensive magnet system or the unpredictable velcro.”

-James B.

“Great unit! Handy and small!”

-William  H.

“Wonderful product…fantastic customer service!  Much easier to use than Fong and Magmod. So easy to put on flash and bends if you bang into a wall or object while shooting. Fantastic service from the company also. I had a question and they responded back with an email within 5 minutes. I just bought my second one!”

-Jeanine H.

“Love what the WYNG does for my event photography photos! Works wonderful with my people shots.”

-Nancy G.

“Better and easier to use than magmod.  Easy setup on flash, and easy to carry around. Wont collapse the head of the flash due to weight like the Fong or Magmod. I was super disappointed in both those units. This is easy for me to take around and doesn’t add hardly any weight to the flash. Great for the price.”

-Jason C.

“The WYNG is super..so simple …one of my first instructors by the name of Bill Stockwell, the guy who started location wedding photography said in simplicity there is awesome grandeur..this fits the bill..never forgot that..”

Sid A.

“Exactly what I was looking for! I will use this for shooting weddings.”

-Mark S.

“Just received all of your modifiers today..I absolutely love your products..I looked at a lot of modifiers from searches but I settled on yours because of the simplicity ..And is hands down the best in my estimation…where were you in my photography days doing weddings?  Whoa what great products!”

Harry A.

“Great for on-camera flash at events. I picked up two of these, and they’re great when you need on-camera flash at events. Very durable, and I expect they’ll last a long time.”

-Jared R.

“Good for directing flash. Works well on flash and won’t come off.  Well made, substantial material but light.”

-Antonio B.

“More presentable than the “foamy black thing”. It works well for me when I want to bounce light from walls and ceilings.  Once installed, the WYNG is fixed immovably and I really appreciate its versatility. Lightweight and durable.”

-Andy F.

“Works well in both landscape and portrait shooting positions. I am very happy with light produced when using the WYNG deflector.  The WYNG also mounts with the head sideways allowing light to be pushed forward in both portrait and landscape orientation and it looks much better than my DIY modifier. The light produced is virtually identical in both orientations. The WYNG can also be faced to the side or pointed backwards to soften the light even further. It sure isn’t going to fall off! The WYNG is 3D printed in the USA and weighs just 2 oz.. You can squish it for storage and it will pop back into shape. I find the WYNG works well for event photography in a venue with higher ceilings and feel it was a worthwhile purchase.”

-J. M. S.